Daniel Kaniewski is a homeland security and emergency management leader

Daniel Kaniewski has been developing and executing homeland security and emergency management strategies and programs for over twenty years. Dan has a unique blend of policy and operational experience. This includes serving as a FEMA deputy administrator, Presidential advisor, management consulting executive, university administrator and faculty member, and first responder. He was the second ranking official at FEMA and a senior advisor at the White House during major crises and is a trusted security expert to numerous governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

This site provides information about Dan’s background, including his biography, publications, photos, and media.

Daniel Kaniewski, PhD

is Managing Director, Public Sector Innovation at Marsh & McLennan Companies. He was previously Deputy Administrator for Resilience at the Federal Emergency Management Agency. He also previously served in the White House, as Special Assistant to the President for Homeland Security.

Recent Publications

Americans look to the government for help in their time of need. But the scale of the coronavirus pandemic demands more than what government alone can deliver. Everyone has a role to play.

Daniel Kaniewski

A 'Whole of America' response

With every passing day, it’s becoming clear that the coronavirus epidemic is not just a health emergency but instead has the potential to become a major disaster. And that means it might be time to turn to the nation’s disaster response agency to assist.”

Daniel Kaniewski

Coronavirus is a disaster. Why hasn’t FEMA been brought in?

“At FEMA, we are always focused on preparing ourselves, our partners, and the American people for the many threats and hazards we face as a nation. As the need for cybersecurity has grown, so too has our cyber preparedness efforts.

Daniel Kaniewski

Building a Culture of Cyber Preparedness

Every day our nation faces some risk whether it be from flooding, earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, tornados or other threats. While none of us want to think that the next disaster will happen where we live, the fact is our communities can never truly be prepared for disasters if the people who live in our communities are not.

Daniel Kaniewski

Americans need to start saving for a rainy day


Today Daniel Kaniewski leverages his policy and operational experience at Marsh and McLennan Companies. Dr. Kaniewski previously served as a FEMA deputy administrator and contributed thought leadership on topical issues at think tanks. He has taught at George Washington University and Georgetown University. Dan advised President George W. Bush.  He began as a first responder.


Daniel Kaniewski has an extensive record of media interviews. His interviews include national television networks (NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News, C-SPAN), major newspapers (Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today) and radio (NPR). He primarily conducted these interviews during his time at the Homeland Security Policy Institute.


Daniel Kaniewski’s publications include op-eds, task force reports, and think tank papers. He was a contributor at the Daily Signal. Dan also published with the Heritage Foundation and George Washington University and produced studies for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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