Daniel Kaniewski’s television appearances

Daniel Kaniewski has appeared on CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox News, and C-SPAN

CNN, “Hurricane Ida Update” August 30, 2021.

Daniel Kaniewski appears in this CNN interview to discuss the damage from Hurricane Ida and the current status of recovery efforts.

Yahoo Finance, “How businesses can financially prepare for future natural disasters” February 22, 2021.

Dan Kaniewski, managing director for public innovation at Marsh & McLennan and former FEMA deputy administrator for Resilience, joins Yahoo Finance to discuss the Texas winter crisis and how businesses can better prepare for future natural disasters.

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Fox News “FEMA deploying assets up and down the east coast” September 1, 2019.

Acting deputy administrator Dr. Daniel Kaniewski on how his team is preparing for Hurricane Dorian.

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CBS This Morning, “5 Days After Storms, Outages, Heat Wave Persist” July 4, 2012.

“It’s completely unacceptable to not have these basic needs met for an extended period of time,” asserts Dan Kaniewski, who was a disaster response adviser to President George W. Bush.

CBS This Morning, “DHS Monitoring Social Media” June 2, 2012.

The Department of Homeland Security is keeping close tabs on social media, looking for numerous words in particular that might implicate people as security risks. Rebecca Jarvis and Anthony Mason spoke with Daniel Kaniewski about the words being watched for and the privacy implications of the practice.

C-SPAN, “Lessons from the 2011 Japanese Earthquake” May 11, 2012.

Fox 5, “Suspicious Letters Containing Powder Found at 3 Locations in DC” March 8, 2012.

ABC 7, “Al Qaeda Looks to Implant Bombs in Humans” July 7, 2011.

Fox 5, “Nigerian Man Flies Across US with Invalid ID, Expired Boarding Pass” June 30, 2011.

Fox 5, “Cell Phone Alert System Announced” May 10, 2011.

Fox 5, “Al Qaeda Confirms Osama bin Laden’s Death” May 6, 2011.

Fox 5, “New Terror Alerts Will Be Specific and Short-Lived” April 20, 2011.

C-SPAN, “White House Releases New Guidelines on Preparedness for Disasters” April 8, 2011.

Brian Kamoie spoke about Presidential Policy Directive 8, on national preparedness for and response to major emergencies. Among the topics he addressed were coordinating the efforts of various federal and local agencies, training programs to improve response operations, and programs to better identify potential threats. Following his prepared remarks he answered questions from the audience. Hosted by Daniel Kaniewski.

Fox 5, “Scenes of Destruction After Japan’s Tsunami, Quake” March 11, 2011.

NBC Nightly News, “New nuclear attack guide causes fallout flashback” December 16, 2010

Daniel Kaniewski (Security Expert): What we need to do is make sure that the American public is sensitized to these various threats — not overly concerned, but sensitized — and take the actions necessary to prepare themselves.

Fox News, “Preparing for the Worst” December 16, 2010.

Fox 5, “Va. Man Charged After Working on Fake Metro Bomb Plot” October 28, 2010.

ABC 20/20, “Miracle at the Mine” October 13, 2010.

ABC News, “Chile’s Successful Rescue Sets Example for Other Countries” October 13, 2010.

“Chile has done this much better, frankly, than we’ve done in the United States recently by effectively marshaling and mobilizing all resources, whether they be foreign governments or private sector organizations from all over the world,” said Daniel Kaniewski, deputy director of George Washington University’s Homeland Security Policy Institute.

Fox 5, “Operation Railsafe to Begin Friday” October 5, 2010.

Fox 5, “Domestic Implications of Times Square Bombing” May 5, 2010.

Fox 5, “Terrorism Threatens Domestic Security” March 30, 2010.

C-SPAN Washington Journal, “Quadrennial Homeland Security Review” February 10, 2010.

Daniel Kaniewski talked about the finding of the Obama administration’s first Quadrennial Homeland Security Review report and the next steps in redefining the mission of the Department of Homeland Security. 

CBC, “U.S. Response to Haiti” January 14, 2010.

Fox 5, “Christmas terror plot” January 8, 2010.

Fox 5, “Christmas terror plot” January 7, 2010.

Fox Business Network, “Christmas terror plot” January 6, 2010.

Fox News, “Crash Warning System Probed in DC” June 23, 2009.

Fox 5, “Museum Guards Trained for Tragedy” June 10, 2009.

Fox 5, “Homeland Security Implications for Pandemic Influenza” April 30, 2009.

Fox News, “Response to Hurricane Ike” September 14, 2008.

Bloomberg Television, “Gustav Response; Learning from Katrina” September 2, 2008.

Fox News, “Response to Hurricane Gustav” (two broadcasts), September 1, 2008

PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, “Protecting the Capital” May 12, 2005.

Fox News, “Homeland Security in the Classroom” May 1, 2005.